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Half Marathon Training Plan

half marathon training plan A half marathon training is the ideal training for those who are looking at stepping up from a 10km race, but aren’t quite ready yet to take on the full 42.2kms of the marathon. It is for those who are trying to step into the world of serious running, but want to take things step-by-step, not rushing head-long into the serious challenge posed by a full-marathon. There are many places to pick up tips for running a half marathon and in most cases, athletes will provide tips and tricks that have worked for them. No runner, looking at these tips or tricks for direction, can resort to blatantly copying those ideas and using them blindly. They need to accept each little concept as a theory and see what they can do in order to prepare themselves for running a half marathon.

Training for a Half Marathon

On average, if you are already accustomed to the concept of running long-distance races like the 10km race, you should prepare a 3-month or 12-week period to train for running a half marathon. The shorter training period, as compared to the 5-months for a marathon, is not just better for those looking to spend lesser time preparing for the event, but is also quicker to recover from. Most of the training plan’s features will depend on your running experience and objectives. Depending on whether you are running your first half marathon or have prior experience, that training plan will change. It will also change with your objectives – if you want to finish within 2-hours, you will have a particular plan while those willing to finish under 1.5 hours will have a completely different plan. The key lies in identifying what your current level is and how many miles, per week, do you run at the moment. Based on that number, you need to set a proper goal for yourself and begin preparation for running a half marathon. Running a half marathon without training or proper guidance would be completely detrimental to the entire process of running long-distance races. By running a half marathon without training, not only do you put yourself in a position where you might not finish the race, you also put yourself at risk with injuries.

Preparing your Half Marathon Training Schedule

The first step in preparing to run a half marathon is finding the right half marathon running schedule that helps you reach the level of fitness and preparation you need to be in, in order to run and complete a half marathon within your time-limit. For those running their first half marathon, the training schedule has to be preceded by another training schedule that prepares them to train for the half marathon. Effectively, you need to get into shape to be able to train, without hurting yourself, to be able to run a half marathon. For beginners, the process begins at being able to run around 18 to 20 miles per week, taking a couple of days off in the middle. Once you are able to get through this kind of training without straining yourself, you are ready to prepare for the half marathon. Half marathon training is divided into elements of simple running-exercises at a certain pace, as well as special exercises like Fartlek Runs, hill-runs and interval-training at a certain pace. Usually, the pace you need to maintain is your general 5-mile pace or 10-mile pace, which you need to decide based on an honest assessment of your ability. Once you get into your routine and find a way to pace yourself through each week of training, you can work your way towards that final goal of running that half marathon knowing that your 12-week training program will make you proud of your achievements on race-day!

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